a travelling den where fellow mermaids can find an array of festival-inspired fashion, adornments & makeovers

‘The Mermaid Cave’ is a unique and immersive, festival fashion and beauty experience, transforming ocean lovers into mermaids and mermen.  We offer eco-friendly makeovers, alongside a sustainable and spiritually conscious style boutique.

Our ethos, "for glitter sisters with a conscience" is heavily focused around ocean conservation and protection, providing plastic-free alternatives within the festival market. All of our products are designed by us, or sourced responsibly from independent artisans across the world, including sustainable homewares, bejewelled fans, handcrafted flower headdresses, and reiki-charged crystal jewellery.

We love mama earth and our beautiful turquoise oceans

for our makeovers we work exclusively with our original, hand blended mixes of Biodegradable glitter, offered alongside gems & jewels, face & body painting, henna and hair braiding. we also send 10% of all our profits to an ocean plastics charity working on ocean conservation in some of the world's most affected areas .

with the future of our planet and its species in jeopardy due to excessive plastic production & throw away habits,, we aim to provide a sustainable and conscious experience & call you to join us in taking action to make simple changes to your lifestyle to support this global cause.

beauty is about more than just the face . . . 

let your glitter shine from the inside out