Black Tourmaline in Clear Quartz Choker

Black Tourmaline in Clear Quartz Choker


A beautiful Black Tourmaline in Clear Quartz (Tourmalated Quartz) crystal wrapped in black plated copper wire, hanging on black leather suede cord.

This is the exact piece you will receive.


This lovely and unusual crystal combines the healing properties of the Quartz Crystal and Black Tourmaline. The Quartz component amplifies and the Black Tourmaline cleanses and grounds, resulting in the power of each crystal being magnified. The fusion of these two creates a potent healing energy - as soon as you come into contact with Tourmalated Quartz, it will immediately ground your root chakra to the Earth and bring your mind and spirit back into the moment, stimulating the balance in your energy system. Tourmalated Quartz can be used to treat digestive tract disorders and detoxify the body. Read more about this crystal here.

All our jewellery is cleansed with reiki and lovingly handmade with materials sourced in the UK (unless otherwise specified). All pieces come packaged in a turquoise silk organza pouch, wrapped in recycled aqua tissue paper.

Avoid contact with water or cosmetics to reduce the likelihood of tarnish to the wire/chain.

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