10% of all our profits are donated to protecting our precious oceans 

whilst travelling in bali in spring 2017, our head mermaid zoe was overwhelmed by the plastic catastrophe she witnessed first hand on the shores of this oasis island. unfortunately, this is the tip of the iceberg of a worldwide plastic epidemic, which threatens every species that thrives in our oceans, and without immediate action their protected existence is in severe danger, and it's going to happen within our lifetime. 

whether you are buying a piece of crystal jewellery or having your face adorned at a festival, you can do so knowing that your support is going to this global cause, and encouraging the individuals who are taking responsibility for the devastating impact humanity's need for convenience is having on the natural world. 

Our ethos is about galvanising our demographic to join a growing worldwide movement to rethink our daily habits and reliance on such a devastating material.

join the team of ocean warriors protecting mother ocean and start thinking about your impact, before its too late.


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oceans.care is an eclectic team of visionaries, artists, filmmakers, teachers & entrepreneurs, leading a movement to prevent ocean plastic and clean our precious oceans.

we support them as our chosen charity for the simple reason that we feel they have discovered a very real solution to the ocean pollution issues - introducing, the trash wheel,

originating from baltimore, usa (see before/after pics below), the trash wheel is a hydro-solar powered wheel that intercepts plastic & trash, and will be implemented by the oceans.care team in one of the most polluted areas in East Indonesia - the jangkuk river in lombok, located 200m from the indian ocean. 

Indonesia, along with China and India, is responsible for 30% of the Global trash production. it is our belief that by targeting some of the worst places for ocean trash leaks on the planet, this charity has the potential to spearhead a worldwide transformation, and hopefully we can see these wheels become a reality across the globe.

please watch the short video below to learn more about this incredible project and how your support will make a difference: