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One of the best places to start with minimising your plastic consumption is in the bathroom - so many of us are focusing on our fight with the supermarkets and the plastic bag stand off, that we often neglect other avenues for streamlining our efforts towards a zero waste lifestyle.

So on that note, I thought I would introduce some recent favourites I’ve discovered, leading me one step closer to a plastic-free daily routine. Some of these suggestions may spark some resistance due to costs, and I realise they may be a luxury not everyone can afford, however my stance on the whole idea of consuming is that we really are voting for the kind of world we want to live in with every single purchase that we make. We may not feel we have much power to resolve some of the great tragedies affecting our planet right now, but what we buy, and how we choose to consume, is ultimately driving the direction the world is moving in. And so with that in mind, I’ve started loosening the purse strings on the things that I feel truly matter, and cutting back on luxuries that no longer align with the end goal of a sustainable existence. It’s up to you to choose where you draw your lines, but it’s important to remember that this beast of mass consumerism didn’t just happen overnight - we have all been guilty of buying into it, and so maybe we all need to readjust our thinking as to what things ‘should’ cost, and what negative impact a bargain might have on our planet’s resources.

With that said, here are my top 10 bathroom babes of the moment:

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