Posts in Protecting our Planet

Figuring out how to affect change is one of the biggest struggles any environmentally conscious brand will face. Finding that sweet spot of balance between the necessity of relaying the earth shattering, powerful facts and figures, but without risking an air of defeatism and total despair in the hearts and minds of your audience. It’s a fight we’ve faced and our aim has always been that however heart breaking the information we may share is, that it’s delivery will be laced with plenty of hope, positivity and ultimately, inspiration for anyone who it may reach. 

Therefore we decided a great way to kick things off on the launch of the blog would be with a highly inspirational, clap-your-hands-like-a-seal tell all of some of the most positive moments that we have seen come out of 2018, that will hopefully lead the way to infinitely bigger and braver steps being taken for our lands and oceans in this bright and shiny new year.

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